Earn Explosive
Rewards With
Every Purchase

Redeem Them On Your Next Purchase

Explosive Whey brings more to the table than just offering excellent Made In India protein supplements. It offers rewards with every purchase of supplements so that you can enjoy more of our health supplement alternatives.

How It Works

First, sign up with us to

enjoy our ‘Blue Rewards’.

As our registered customer, you get to enjoy a 10% credit on your purchase.

Our 2 credit
 equals Re 1.

The credit value will be valid for a year from 
the date of the purchase, which can be
 redeemed anytime within a year.

You can redeem the collected credits on our
 merchandise range but you won’t get the
 credit on purchasing them.

The minimum order value to redeem 
the rewards should be Rs 2000.

We keep on introducing new products and offers throughout the year. To be updated about these offers and help us send you a
 reminder before your credit ends, signup for our newsletter.

Important Notes:

• You can redeem your credits on the checkout page

• Credits earned for shopping won’t be applied on the same

• Credits earned from the previous complete order or invoice can only be redeemed

• All your credit balances is available in your account dashboard

• In case of any irregular or abnormal shopping behavior
 or credit manipulation, reward points will be forfeited

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