Explosive Whey – India’s First Athlete Standard Whey Protein Brand 

They say, ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Something similar is the background of Explosive Whey – India’s first Athlete Standard Whey Protein. It all started in 2020, when the nation went under lockdown. Who knew what started as Janta Curfew could extend for weeks and then months? 

Borders were sealed and the restriction on imports was levied. Gradually, things turned difficult for everyone. Whilst most were worried about their regular supplies, athletes and gym-goers had an additional concern – the reducing supply of protein supplements. 

In India, protein supplements are mostly imported. Kedar Jadhav, an ace cricketer, was one amongst many who sensed the declining supply of protein supplements. This necessity gave him an idea to produce India’s first athlete standard whey protein. 

It’s one of its kind protein supplements, by an athlete, for athletes. Explosive Whey, to begin with, is made up of all natural ingredients. On top of it, it’s been approved and tested by athletes. Here are some key features of Explosive Whey – 

1. Stevia Sweetened 

2. Banned Substance Tested 

3. Probiotic 

4. No Gum Thickeners 

5. No Soy Formula 

6. Naturally Flavoured Coloured 

7. Digestive Enzymes 

8. Prebiotic 

9. No Added Sugar 

10. Gluten Free 

It is these key features that makes Explosive Whey a must have protein supplement by not only athletes, but gym-goers. Besides, it can be easily consumed by all age-groups. 

Explosive Whey is a protein brand that we’ll have been waiting for. It’s a Make in India product, by an athlete who understands the need of an athlete. It’s time we celebrate the arrival of Explosive Whey.

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