Unlock your badminton potential with Explosive Whey's specialised supplements, meticulously formulated to fuel your performance on the court. Tailored to support endurance, agility, and recovery for every smash and drop shot.


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Athlete Series Whey Protein (100% Isolate)Athlete Series Whey Protein (100% Isolate)
Athlete Series Whey Protein (100% Isolate) Sale price₹3,499.00 Regular price₹4,599.00
New & ImprovedSave ₹400.00
Athlete Series BCAAAthlete Series BCAA
Athlete Series BCAA Sale price₹1,199.00 Regular price₹1,599.00
Save ₹250.00
Athlete Series CreatineAthlete Series Creatine
Athlete Series Creatine Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,249.00
Save ₹146.00
Athlete Series Revive Hydration Tablets (3xPack)Athlete Series Revive Hydration Tablets (3xPack)
Athlete Series Revive Hydration Tablets (3xPack) Sale price₹649.00 Regular price₹795.00
Save ₹1,400.00
Elite Series Whey ProteinElite Series Whey Protein
Elite Series Whey Protein Sale price₹2,499.00 Regular price₹3,899.00
Save ₹600.00
Elite Series Premium Whey (Trial Pack)Elite Series Premium Whey (Trial Pack)
Elite Series Premium Whey (Trial Pack) Sale price₹1,499.00 Regular price₹2,099.00
Save ₹1,500.00
Elite Series Plant ProteinElite Series Plant Protein
Elite Series Plant Protein Sale price₹2,399.00 Regular price₹3,899.00
Sold out
Elite Series Omega-3Elite Series Omega-3
Elite Series Omega-3 Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,499.00
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Elite Series MultivitaminElite Series Multivitamin
Elite Series Multivitamin Sale price₹699.00 Regular price₹899.00
Save ₹350.00
Explosive Whey’s L-GlutamineExplosive Whey’s L-Glutamine
Explosive Whey’s L-Glutamine Sale price₹899.00 Regular price₹1,249.00
Save ₹200.00
Explosive Whey Protein Shaker
Explosive Whey Protein Shaker Sale price₹399.00 Regular price₹599.00
Save ₹200.00
Explosive Whey Microfibre Towel
Explosive Whey Microfibre Towel Sale price₹299.00 Regular price₹499.00
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Explosive Whey T-shirt
Explosive Whey T-shirt Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,499.00
Save ₹700.00
Explosive Whey Cap
Explosive Whey Cap Sale price₹1,299.00 Regular price₹1,999.00
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