Like many fellow athletes, one of our founders, Kedar Jadhav found himself resorting to purchasing whey protein from overseas due to the perceived superiority of imported brands over Indian alternatives. Recognising this evident gap in the market, we made a firm commitment to bridge it by developing a product of international calibre right here in India.

This commitment led to the inception of Explosive Whey. From the outset, our primary focus has been on ensuring the impeccable quality of our products. Following more than a year of meticulous research and development, we proudly introduced Explosive Whey to the Indian market in November 2021.

"At Explosive Whey, we embody the dedication towards providing athletes with sports supplements of the highest standards. And with each and every meticulously crafted product, we empower you to push your limits and set new standards of success."
- Mandar Bhandari (Founder)

"We initiated this venture out of supporting athletes in their pursuit of greatness. Recognizing the need for superior-quality nutrition in the sports nutrition industry, our aim is to provide them the finest fuel to propel them towards their goals."
- Rishikesh Hande (Co-Founder)

With our commitment, and under the guidance and leadership of MS Dhoni, we are all set to redefine the world of sports nutrition.

Backed by MS Dhoni

As an athlete, I know the significance of clean and top-quality nutrition in achieving great performance. Just when I discovered Explosive Whey's impressive product lineup, I immediately wanted to give it a go, and since then it has never let me down. Backed by Informed Sport Certification, Explosive Whey is exclusively crafted for athletes.

And if it’s good for athletes, it’s good for everyone.

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Explosive DNA

Committed to Quality

Explosive Whey ingredients are sourced from all across the globe and then manufactured in India. 

Certified by Top Agencies

Every batch is certified by Informed Sport and tested by the World Anti Doping Agency.

Closed Supply Chain

Products are dispatched from our state of the art manufacturing unit straight to your home. 

Crafted for athletes, built for everyone.

Crafted by your favourites for the champion in you

Tailored for champions, Explosive Whey Supplements have been subjected to thorough research and rigorous testing to support you in reaching peak performance and facilitating faster recovery. Certified by Informed Sport and tested by WADA, these supplements ensure 100% clean nutrition and are safe for consumption.

Sourced Globally; But Made for India

At Explosive Whey, we prioritise the ingredients that make up our products and, by extension, what you consume. Our team meticulously selects top-tier raw materials from various corners of the world and conducts rigorous testing at each stage of production, guaranteeing superior quality and delicious taste. We steer clear of shady fillers or additives delivering one of the best supplements Made in India.

Delivered to you in a closed supply chain

Our entire range of formulations is manufactured and packed at our in-house facility at Pune. To ensure transparency we have maintained a closed supply chain where every batch is sent from our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit directly to the customer when ordered.


Committed to deliver clean nutrition

Formulated and packed our very own state-of-the-art and FSSAI approved manufacturing unit, we ensure 100% clean, uncompromising nutrition while bringing you athlete-standard offerings. For peak performance and smarter recovery, switch to Explosive Whey today.

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