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Transform your fitness journey with Explosive Whey's cutting-edge fat loss products, engineered to accelerate metabolism and designed to ignite fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.


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Athlete Series Whey Protein (100% Isolate)Athlete Series Whey Protein (100% Isolate)
Athlete Series Whey Protein (100% Isolate) Sale price₹3,499.00 Regular price₹4,599.00
New & ImprovedSave ₹400.00
Athlete Series BCAAAthlete Series BCAA
Athlete Series BCAA Sale price₹1,199.00 Regular price₹1,599.00
Save ₹250.00
Athlete Series CreatineAthlete Series Creatine
Athlete Series Creatine Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,249.00
Save ₹1,400.00
Elite Series Whey ProteinElite Series Whey Protein
Elite Series Whey Protein Sale price₹2,499.00 Regular price₹3,899.00
Save ₹600.00
Elite Series Premium Whey (Trial Pack)Elite Series Premium Whey (Trial Pack)
Elite Series Premium Whey (Trial Pack) Sale price₹1,499.00 Regular price₹2,099.00
Save ₹1,500.00
Elite Series Plant ProteinElite Series Plant Protein
Elite Series Plant Protein Sale price₹2,399.00 Regular price₹3,899.00
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Elite Series Omega-3Elite Series Omega-3
Elite Series Omega-3 Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,499.00
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Elite Series MultivitaminElite Series Multivitamin
Elite Series Multivitamin Sale price₹699.00 Regular price₹899.00
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