Basics: Nutrition Requirements for Kabaddi Players

Basics: Nutrition Requirements for Kabaddi Players

Kabaddi is known as a game of body and mind coordination that requires immense energy. To get this energy, a balanced diet with proper nutrition is required. And to attain the right nutrition for kabaddi players, it is important to seek the goals and the requirements of the body. Proper nutrition in the athletes and the players is required to perform effectively. The diets for kabaddi players are prepared based on their weight, height, how frequently they play the sport, or how far a tournament is. Kabaddi is often called a sport of stamina and strength because even a minute sprain or strain on a muscle can impact the game and the injury goes a long way on the same.

The nutrition for kabaddi players is divided into certain sections such as macros and micros which are important and should be there in the balanced diet for enhanced recovery and performance. The dietary plans of the athletes and players keep on revising as per the body’s needs to keep them away from diseases and injuries. These micros also provide immunity to the body and also lead to increased absorption of other macros to have a healthy body to play the sport. A nutritious and balanced diet is the key to a good, healthy, and fit lifestyle. Below mentioned are the components of the dietary elements which should be included despite the activity mode.

Every nutritious diet contains the following :


Macro and micronutrients are the broad classifications of nutrition for kabaddi players Macros include carbs, proteins, and fats whereas micros include vitamins, calcium, and antioxidants which are important for the functioning of the body. These micronutrients keep the bones strong, prevent vitamin deficiency diseases and regulate blood and other connective tissues.


Carbohydrates are often said as the main energy-giving component of the meal. All the food items and components include carbohydrates despite whether the other nutrients are present in high or low quantities. Carbohydrates are often called pockets of nutrition for kabaddi players to help them in becoming more active and fast. The nutrition for kabaddi players is often planned either by their nutritionists/coaches or dieticians. These individuals keep a track of their height, weight, and activity status of individuals.


All fats are not bad. Dry fruit fats are good for the body and they provide the lubrication needed to the joints at several intervals of time. Snacking on dry fruits helps as nutrition for kabaddi players. Just like carbohydrates, fats also provide a good source of energy that fuels the movement of the body. The quantity of fats should be controlled as the excess of these can lead to high cholesterol and weight gain. Healthy fats are also gained through the consumption of whey for kabaddi players.


Vitamins fall in the category of micros which are required by the body in small quantities but they are important. The lack of vitamins in the body generally leads to illnesses such as weak eyesight, anemia, and other similar issues.


Minerals are required by the body to keep the body mechanism going strong. Minerals help in building strong bones and also help to maintain a normal heartbeat. Proper minerals in the body help in regulating hormones which makes it important just like any other macro component.


Proteins are builders of the muscles that repair the tissues and help them get back to shape. There are several ways to get the right and a healthy amount of protein as per the need of individuals. The common vegetarian way to get protein is to intake paneer, tofu, pulses, and dairy products whereas meat eaters prefer eating eggs and chicken as it has relatively more proteins. And for the vegan category, there are pulses and tofu. These are the common ways that can fulfill the nutrition for kabaddi players but to escalate it further into protein powders, protein bars and whey for kabaddi players, etc can be used to increase protein content and limit other sugars and carb components. There are several protein powders available in the market which can be sorted based on the demand and requirement of the body.

Apart from all the above, the most important component of the human body is water. The importance of water is immense as it not only hydrates the body but also allows other nutrients to flow and work as messengers within the system. The nutrition for kabaddi players is as important as the nutrition of a normal human body to keep the body psychologically and biologically fit.

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