Best Protein Sources for Kabaddi Players

Best Protein Sources for Kabaddi Players

Kabaddi is an intense sport that requires a strong mind and body coordination. The game is rough and tough which at times leads to the tearing and swelling of the muscles. To repair those and keep the muscles in a better condition protein is required. Generally, people prefer either meat, egg, or dairy (or tofu) products along with pulses (or legumes) to fulfill their daily protein intakes. But for the players, the protein intake should be more concentrated and easy to utilize by their body hence, they look forward to whey solutions which easily get absorbed by the body in no time. Below mentioned are some protein sources which can be accommodated by the kabaddi players in their day-to-day life.

Dairy products

Dairy products are often considered the true, old, and reliable sources of protein. These are available in majorly every household and are assumed to give you strength, energy, and protein for kabaddi. Apart from this, dairy products take time to be broken down into simpler forms of nutrients to get absorbed by the body. Hence, not a lot of players prefer it. But it is a good way to accommodate multiple nutrient aspects in the body.

Digging deeper into the dairy products there is:

Milk and Buttermilk – Any Indian household might not run without these two. Since childhood, it has been carved in our brains that milk is the best and most affordable source of protein.

Cheese: Cottage Cheese or Paneer is another popular alternative to meat products for protein in households. Paneer is a major part of the diet to fulfill the protein for kabaddi players.

Meat products

White, red meat or eggs, all of them are considered another easy protein intake source that can help in muscle building and repair. In the recent internet and social media age, multiple influencers are advocating incorporating chicken meat and eggs into a daily balanced diet due to the higher content of protein. There are several methods and ways along with an easy-to-cook recipe that gets ready in no time and leaves your stomach and protein intake fulfilled.

Red Meat: Red Meat includes mutton, lamb, and meat of other animals, which is high in nutrition density. It is often seen that high protein meats serve as the best protein for kabaddi players as it fastens their muscle recovery and performance.

White Meat: It is chicken meat that is high in protein and consumed by athletes, gym freaks, etc who look forward to working around their protein needs. White meat is cheap and easily available. Another highlight of white meat is, it is more consumable and has been a part of the life of athletes.

Protein Powders

Protein Powders are the source that gives the players a concentrated protein-rich meal. The protein powders have different kinds and flavors helping the consumer to have them. Protein powders help in faster muscle recovery, lean muscle retention, and enhanced endurance.


The egg is another major source of the diet of the kabaddi players where it is consumed either in boiled, fried, or in any form of a recipe, whatsoever the individual likes. Egg works as an excellent protein for kabaddi players due to their market rate, no fuss around cooking, and wide acceptability.


Whey protein powders is the new choice of young India to fulfill their product needs. Specific proteins for kabaddi players have also been developed keeping their nutritional and other nutritional and dietary needs in mind. Whey is one of the most important sources of protein for athletes and also it is a good protein for Kabaddi Players due to its quality and protein content within the product. The Explosive Athlete Series Protein is tested by World Anti-Doping Agency to certify it as a good-to-use product for increasing and managing protein intake.

The traditional methods of enhancing protein intake might have been successful to date but as the world is changing and people are becoming more aware of global warming leading to a shift in food choices. The shift from meat products to whey proteins has seen tremendous growth over the years. Hence, as time passes by, the food choices change and specifically in the cases of the players and athletes who require more protein intake than others. Explosive Whey commits itself to provide natural and safe-to-use protein to consumers. The kabaddi players can easily use the protein in many forms such as smoothies and shakes to maintain the perfect state of their muscles for enhanced performance.

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